Walking In My Stylish Pants

Hello Monday again, On lazy days that are gloomy and cloudy I don’t like to dress all the way. No, I don’t mean go outside in public and be nude! I mean I don’t like to dress up as much as I would on a regular day. Why? Because for me, when it says rain that means I have to wear rain boots. Therefore, when I wear rain boots that means my outfit is not going to be as amazing as it usually is.

I have this imagination/thought that once I wear my rain boots my outfit turns ugly. But then, I have to wear them because I seriously dislike when my feet get wet in the rain.

Anywho, the decision was made to not wear rain boots but these edgy and fit heel booties. Then, I decided to wear my long lost Balmain white graphic shirt that I bought back in November. Nope, I haven’t worn it at all since then. So I finally decided to pull it of and combine it with my fringe black leather vest from ASOS. Then, I pulled out my light cotton pants from HM. I want to call these fashionable mom pants. The reason for this is because they’re so stylish but chilled at the same time. Instead of having my look go to a complete casual mode I switched it by adding these heel booties from Forever21. Even though I only wear these booties for special occasions, I decided to wear them out for a coffee meeting that day. The grey tone was totally off from the colors of my clothing but that’s exactly what I wanted. I don’t always match, matching can get boring.

To end this lovely outfit I decided to take out my tote bag from Foxes and instead of using the navy blue side I turned the light brown side. The navy blue wouldn’t have went well with the black. The navy blue would have thrown the outfit off. So the brown fell well together with the white, black, green and GREY. Thanks for stopping by lovely people!

download (35)download (36)download (37)download (38)download (39)download (32)download (33)download (34)

Shirt: Balmain $29

Leather Vest: ASOS $89

Slouchy Pants: HM $25

Heel Booties: Forever21 $19

Tote Bag: Foxes :34

Pictures By: Mani Andreone

          IG: @NIUIORK                      EMAIL: MANIANDREONE@GMAIL.COM


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