#BCBG Gown for Only $150

Good evening lovely people, are you drooling the same way that I am over this light blue #BCBG dress? While walking around and looking for a perfect dress for a special occasion, nothing caught my eye until I stumbled upon this beautiful aesthetic gown. While walking in this dress I felt aplomb.  The way out layer of the dress allowed my high heels with fringe to move around and expose themselves was such an easy outcome. I didn’t have to work hard to show them off. You know how sometimes there is no point of wearing cute heels because your long dress with cover them? Well, this was definitely not a problem for me.

There is nothing better in life than to feel good and glamorous about yourself. A lot of us work so hard during our day-to-day jobs and when is time to go out and enjoy a night of freedom, it means that we should really go all out and dress as if we’re going to be on the red carpet that day/night. Put on your best dress and shoes! Pretend like you are going to have cameras on you the whole time, literally. Adding this white blazer from French Connection over my shoulders was the exact wealthy touch that needed to be added to this outfit. A bold white tone was a perfect encompass to the dress, there is just so much to love!

Next time you go shopping to buy yourself something buy it with confidence and tell yourself that you’re going to look your best. Also, don’t always feel like you have to spend a bunch of $$$ in order to look  marvelous. You can find some of the best pieces on sale and stores such as Macy’s or Burlington. Hint Hint 😉


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