My Story…

We don’t always wake up and get dressed in 2.5 seconds? We care about how we look and how we dress and I know speaking from my own experience I usually take a long time to decide what to wear. I am not saying that image is a significant aspect of our life but what’s important is how you want to present yourself to others, based on your style! Therefore, I don’t give people one definition of my style but I allow them to view it from different angles. What do I mean by this? I mean that my style is not just rock and roll, or preppy or just classy. I like to always change it up and just dress based on the occasion or just based on how I feel like dressing up. Buying clothes is my weakness, if I can buy something every single day I seriously would!

No judgment in my clothing is my motto, I want people to wear things and feel good about what they are wearing.  I want them to realize that style is not about copying others but it’s about how you create your own unique style. What do you put together? What do you take out? What prints do you combine? Everyone  has different tastes and everyone should feel happy with what they have on. I always tell people, “If It Looks Weird” then you know your outfit is speaking out loud and you’re on the right track.  Why blend in when you can blend out? You can call it crazy but I call it fashion.

I will begin posting  outfits that are under $200-$300. Quality vs. Quantity? Does it matter? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. To me quality will matter if I am purchasing a coat or boots but dresses, skirts, shorts, shoes etc do not have to be expensive. Not everyone is able to afford $5,000 channel bag so why not prioritize our needs and buy a similar bag from HM or Forever21 which will allow you to spend the rest of your money on something that you actually need.