#BCBG Gown for Only $150

Good evening lovely people, are you drooling the same way that I am over this light blue #BCBG dress? While walking around and looking for a perfect dress for a special occasion, nothing caught my eye until I stumbled upon this beautiful aesthetic gown. While walking in this dress I felt aplomb.  The way out layer of the dress allowed my high heels with fringe to move around and expose themselves was such an easy outcome. I didn’t have to work hard to show them off. You know how sometimes there is no point of wearing cute heels because your long dress with cover them? Well, this was definitely not a problem for me.

There is nothing better in life than to feel good and glamorous about yourself. A lot of us work so hard during our day-to-day jobs and when is time to go out and enjoy a night of freedom, it means that we should really go all out and dress as if we’re going to be on the red carpet that day/night. Put on your best dress and shoes! Pretend like you are going to have cameras on you the whole time, literally. Adding this white blazer from French Connection over my shoulders was the exact wealthy touch that needed to be added to this outfit. A bold white tone was a perfect encompass to the dress, there is just so much to love!

Next time you go shopping to buy yourself something buy it with confidence and tell yourself that you’re going to look your best. Also, don’t always feel like you have to spend a bunch of $$$ in order to look  marvelous. You can find some of the best pieces on sale and stores such as Macy’s or Burlington. Hint Hint 😉


Walking In My Stylish Pants

Hello Monday again, On lazy days that are gloomy and cloudy I don’t like to dress all the way. No, I don’t mean go outside in public and be nude! I mean I don’t like to dress up as much as I would on a regular day. Why? Because for me, when it says rain that means I have to wear rain boots. Therefore, when I wear rain boots that means my outfit is not going to be as amazing as it usually is.

I have this imagination/thought that once I wear my rain boots my outfit turns ugly. But then, I have to wear them because I seriously dislike when my feet get wet in the rain.

Anywho, the decision was made to not wear rain boots but these edgy and fit heel booties. Then, I decided to wear my long lost Balmain white graphic shirt that I bought back in November. Nope, I haven’t worn it at all since then. So I finally decided to pull it of and combine it with my fringe black leather vest from ASOS. Then, I pulled out my light cotton pants from HM. I want to call these fashionable mom pants. The reason for this is because they’re so stylish but chilled at the same time. Instead of having my look go to a complete casual mode I switched it by adding these heel booties from Forever21. Even though I only wear these booties for special occasions, I decided to wear them out for a coffee meeting that day. The grey tone was totally off from the colors of my clothing but that’s exactly what I wanted. I don’t always match, matching can get boring.

To end this lovely outfit I decided to take out my tote bag from Foxes and instead of using the navy blue side I turned the light brown side. The navy blue wouldn’t have went well with the black. The navy blue would have thrown the outfit off. So the brown fell well together with the white, black, green and GREY. Thanks for stopping by lovely people!

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Shirt: Balmain $29

Leather Vest: ASOS $89

Slouchy Pants: HM $25

Heel Booties: Forever21 $19

Tote Bag: Foxes :34

Pictures By: Mani Andreone

          IG: @NIUIORK                      EMAIL: MANIANDREONE@GMAIL.COM

Pop of Royal Blue

Hello my fashion lovers, New York City literally took 20 steps back to December! Where did this cold come from? Weather, can you please stop playing with my feelings? I need you to remain warm so I can be happy! haha –BUT I am fighting it back with this very cozy and warm turtleneck sweater from Express. It’s such a perfect fit and what’s really great about this turtleneck is that you’re able to pull it up so it can protect your neck. Instead of having to put on an extra layer such as a scarf you’ll be good to go outside without it.

Besides wearing this lovely washed mixture of brown and grey sweater I decided to wear white sophisticated pants. These ankle pants from HM are literally life for me! I can wear them for an office look, casual look, day-to-night look etc You name it and I wear it! I didn’t think that another color or black would go with this sweater, it would take the excitement out. Now, how AMAZING are my heel flats from Beacon’s Closet? They are brand new and very comfortable. While walking in them I forgot that the heel on them even existed! I love how the colors contradict one another. I really wanted to match my clutch with the shoes, especially since the flats have three colors going on. I picked royal blue because that color always screams excitement to me. Therefore, choosing this Aldo clutch was a great idea for this outfit. Even though the clutch contains a long gold chain that I can place on my shoulder I thought it went better as a box clutch for me to hold. Instead of the clutch just being plain blue the gold lines around the clutch give a marvelous touch to it.

Thanks for stopping by! I will continue having a post every Monday and Thursday at 9:00PM xo Eastern Time 

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TurtleNeck Sweater: Express $39

Pants: HM $30

Shoes: Beacon’s Closet $15

Clutch: Aldo $38

Pictures were all captured by: Mani Andreone

Photographer based in New York City

Instagram: @NIUIORK

Grey Feelings Around x

Good Morning Fashion People, Monday has already arrived and we are ready to endure it! Am I right or am I right? Besides, having a very productive Monday morning, I am feeling very “gray” in this outfit. This one piece jumpsuit is from Urban Outfitters and it’s just breath taking. So comfy, casual, cute and ready-to-wear. Since the weather has been very kind to us I thought that I could wear it during one of the warm days. The top and pants are connected and it is literally the lightest jumpsuit that you will ever run into. I love the open cuts on the sides and the flare cut that the pants have. So much comes with this casual jumpsuit. I just cant get enough of it!

I decided to keep it casual and chilled so I wore my black leather pointy flats from Charlotte Russe. I never really wear them so I told myself to finally pull them out the closet and put them on. Then I also decided to put on this very cute rectangle orange cross body bag, which is also from Urban Outfitters. I swear I didn’t mean to match the brands, haha. It just happened. I love when I have a casual outfit like this. I can walk for days and do so much in it. Also, girls remember that jumpsuits are NOT just made for tall girls. I am 5’3 and I am rocking this jumpsuit like no other! #MondaysPost

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Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters $79

Flats: Charloote Ruse $20

Cross Body Bag: Urban Outfitters $20

Business Woman Vibes x

It is Monday, and that just means we can’t wait for this week to go by again! If you’re lucky like me you have a short week because of ‘Good Friday’. I don’t celebrate Easter but I do appreciate the extra day off this week. So I am thankful for that.

Therefore, lets’ move on to my outfit. This day I felt like embracing my inner business woman look. I really don’t like the whole “Button down x Slacks” business look. Why? Because it’s very simple. Anyone can pull that off, literally! I love to put on professional clothes that still have some sense of style to them. Therefore, these black, blue and green checkered ankle pants are great for what I am talking about. Now, I didn’t want to get too crazy so I just added my simple HM silk tank top. It is still sophisticated and it also gives me that “I am a business woman” feeling.

Since the weather decided to be COLD today I had to wear boots. However, these boots are literally made for walking! Walking in the streets of Soho, NY was very easy for me. My feet did not hurt and I actually got a lot of compliments. At times while I was outside I felt chilly so I thought it would be best to throw on this Ellie Tahari blazer over my shoulders. Instead of wearing it the typical way, throwing it off the shoulders always looks better. When it came to accessories I didn’t want to take it to a crazy level, meaning I wanted to keep it at minimal.So, I decided to wear my Lydell NYC necklace which made my outfit which gave the last perfect touch to my outfit. This shiny silver tone is seriously one of the best collar necklaces to match with any outfit. Overall, I had a great day wearing black and putting my style thoughts into my professional look.

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Top: HM $29

Pants: Buffalo Exchange $18

Blazer: Ellie Tahari // Burlington $59

Boots: Simmi Shoes $45

Necklace: Lyndell NYC $35

Bag: Michael Kors Satchel $350